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The Pinnacle Capital Mortgage Process

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Start by filling out our easy to use application.

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One of our licensed loan originators will discuss your options and the process with you.

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Work with your loan originator to decide whether or not you want to lock in your rate.

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Return the initial disclosures to your originator so we can get the ball rolling on your new loan.

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One of our qualified loan processors will get all of the documentation they need from you in order to start the underwriting process.

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Once you’ve obtained the underwriting approval, all that’s left is to close on your new home.


Pinnacle Capital Mortgage provides you with the tools you need to make the right borrowing decisions. These calculators will give you a basic idea of how key values are determined throughout the mortgage process. Try to ensure the information you enter is as accurate as possible. Always contact one of our Mortgage Advisors for an accurate quote that is best suited for your specific needs.

Why Pinnacle Capital?

Pinnacle Capital Mortgage, a division of Finance of America Mortgage LLC, was founded in 2008 with the knowledge and efforts of highly experienced lending professionals with one purpose: to provide a superior home mortgage experience.

While the concept of true and solid customer service is not new, it is our purpose and intent to continuously move and adapt within the boundaries of the industry, while committing to tirelessly providing a personal touch to the process. Our goal is to ensure your comfort and sense of clarity throughout the home lending process will make you feel in control.

We invite you to experience the Pinnacle Capital Mortgage difference, and become your lender for life.

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